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第一部分:听力 (共两节,满分30分)


1. What’s wrong with the man’s watch?

A. It goes slowly. B. It goes too fast. C. It doesn’t work sometimes.

2. When will the speakers meet?

A. At 2:00. B. At 4:00. C. At 6:00.

3. What is the relationship between the speakers?

A. Neighbors. B. Teacher and student. C. Classmates.

4. What will the woman do?

A. Give Tom some medicine.

B. Take Tom’s temperature.

C. Have a look at Tom’s mouth.

5. Why did the woman make Mr. Jones angry?

A. She asked the answered question again.

B. She didn’t finish her work in 20 minutes.

C. She asked the same question three times.

第二节 (共15小题;每题1.5分,满分22.5分)



6. How many people are eating out?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.

7. Why would the man’s wife prefer a seat by the window?

A. She loves the fresh air.

B. She likes to enjoy the night view.

C. It’s the non-smoking area.


8. Where is the woman probably speaking?

A. In a changing room.

B. At a school café.

C. At an information center.

9. What sport would the man like to play?

A. Basketball. B. Tennis. C. Football.


10.What has the man been doing recently?

A.Studying for the MBA. B.Traveling on vacation. C.Trying to open a store in San Diego.

11.How is the business in the womans company?

A.Unsatisfying. B.Worse than before. C.Great.

12.What are they going to do first?

A.Have dinner. B.Talk about business. C.Have some drinks.  


13. What are the speakers going to do tonight?

A. See a movie. B. Have a meeting. C. Attend a party.

14. What kind of food does the woman prefer?

A. Chinese food. B. Mexican food. C. American food.

15. How are the speakers going there?

A. By bus. B. By bike. C. By subway.

16. What do we know about Tina?

A. She lives in the city.

B. She is a humorous and nice girl.

C. She and the woman went to the same school.


17. How did the first man feel when he was invited to the party?

A. Excited. B. Confident. C. Worried.

18. What advice did his friend give him?

A. Don’t drink too much.

B. Just follow his example.

C. Don’t ask silly questions.

19. Why did the first man lose control of himself by the end of the party?

A. He had drunk too much.

B. he was too pleased with himself.

C. He couldn’t stand the uncomfortable silence.

20. What can be inferred about the second man?

A. He knew more about Shakespeare than the first man did.

B. he knows nothing about Shakespeare like the first man.

C. He was very humorous.


第二部分  阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)




Morgan Motor Company Factory Tour and Cream Tea for Two 


The Morgan Motor Company Factory is based in Malvern but is famous all over the world for their cars' character and charisma(魅力).Not only will you enjoy a guided tour of the only car maker in the world still being run by the founding family after a century,but also you can make the day complete with a cream tea for two. 


Along this fascinating tour you will see how the cars are made from start to finish using a mixture of modern technology and traditional methods, as you visit the workshops. After the tour you will be able to view the museum at your leisure, take your time to discover the wonderful history of this automobile. You will also enjoy a cream tea in the Morgan Café to make it just a little bit more special for free. 

Participant guidelines 

    Minimum age: 5 (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult). 


Available on weekdays only. The factory closes for one week at Easter, during July and at Christmas, please check with the factory for their closure dates. 

We advise booking at least four weeks in advance but during the summer months this increases to six weeks to ensure that dates are available. This is only a guideline and we advise you to book as early as possible to ensure that dates are available before the expiry date(失效日期)listed on your voucher(收据)

All bookings are subject to availability. 

Additional information 

 The Visitor Centre Cafe is open daily and can cater for gluten-free                    diets. 

 The Morgan gift shop is open daily. 

 The Morgan museum is open daily and free of charge to visit. 

 There is a large visitor car park. 

 All areas are wheelchairs friendly. 

Packaging and Delivery 

   For information on our packaging and delivery please click here

21.A visitor to join in Morgan Motor Company Factory Tour can know____.

A.the development of the science   B.the way to make the cream tea 

C.the process of producing cars     D.the secret to running a car company 

22.From the text we can know that _____.

A.children aged 12 can visit there alone. 

B.visitors can enjoy the free meals there.  

C.people can visit the factory any time on weekdays.  

D.it is convenient for the disabled to use wheelchairs. 

23. Where can we find this tour information? _____.  

A.In a newspaper.              B.On the web.  

C.In a geography book.     D.In a magazine.


Cameroon is a country in the Central Africa region.Cameroon has a population of about 22 million people. But the country only has 40 heart surgeons. Most are in the cities of Douala or Yaounde. Sometimes the heart experts needed can only be found outside the country.But the country is now experimenting with Africas first mobile system to send heart signal over a wireless network.The system will give much needed medical assistance to heart patients in rural areas.

It was Cameroonian Arthur Zang that invented the device called the Cardiopad.Arthur Zang started the Cardiopad  project five years ago. The young computer engineer said he needed more training and $45,000 to develop the device. His family did not have the money. Banks would not give him loans.He also says that because he was basically a computer science engineer,he didnt have the knowledge when he decided to design the table at the electronic level.

So he shared his idea on social media. The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, answered the appeal with money for the project. Mr. Zang also received free online training from an engineering school in India.

The Cardiopad is a touch screen medical tablet that enables heart examinations to be performed. The results of the tests are sent wirelessly to specialists in other parts of Cameroon who can interpret them.

Simplice Momo,a 55-year-old heart patient in a rural area of Cameroon says,“Its about a year since I had cardio-vascular disease.Ive been traveling to the city to take treatment. Thanks to this machine they just put inside me,I no longer travel to the city,which helps ma save much money.

The Cameroon scientific community has recognized the Cardiopad as extremely effective. The device costs about $4,000. The government of Cameroon has not been able to provide the device to hospitals in need,most of which lack internet and enough electricity. But the Cardiopad testing at the Bafia Hospital is gaining attention and may get the assistance needed.

24.For what purpose did Arthur Zang create the Cardiopad? ____.

A.To provide medicine help for heart patients in rural areas.

B.To prove that he is an extraordinary computer engineer.

C.To give heart patients a new way to self-treat their disease.

D.To give people in rural area access to the new mobiles.

25.When starting to invite the Cardiopad, Arthur Zang ____.

A.was misunderstood by his family   B.met lost of unexpected difficulties

C.got no support from the public    D.lacked money to receive further education

26.What was Simplice Momos attitude to the Cardiopad,Arthur Zang ____.

A.Doubtful  B.Tolerant  C.Grateful  D.Indifferent

27.What can we infer about the Cardiopad from the last paragraph?

A.Its convenient for common people to buy the Cardiopad

B.Its dangerous for heart patients to use the Cardiopad

C.Its hard to persuade the hospitals to use the Cardiopad

D.There may be a long way to go to promote the Cardiopad


The human body is designed to move. But modern lifestyles and office jobs rarely give us the chance to move around.As we know,we sit while we’re eating;we sit in the car and we sit while we watch TV. And many of us sit for many hours at work.

New research shows that sitting less than three hours a day might extend your life by two years.Peter Katzmarzyk ,a scientist at the University of Louisiana in the southern United States,says that sitting is ubiquitous in our lives,which means it is something we do all the time, everywhere.

However,Mr. Katzmarzyk says even that does not mean you can sit for the rest of your waking hours.He also says we may exercise often.“We can’t throw away physical activity. It’s extremely important. We have 60 years of research showing us that.”

 Mr. Karzmarzyk and his colleagues are part of a new generation of researchers studying how sitting all day affects length of life.“Studies that have assessed the relationship between sitting and mortality or television viewing and mortality are very rare. There’s only been a few of them, actually five or six now, in the last four or five years.”They found that cutting television time to less than two hours a day could add one point four years to life.

Luckily,change is already coming to some offices, especially in the design of desks. A "standing desk" lets people stand while they work. Another new design is called the "treadmill desk." A treadmill is an exercise machine that lets you walk in one place.Even some U.S. schools are beginning to experiment with desks that are part bicycle to keep children moving.That’s one of the strategies that many companies are using now.

Mr. Katzmarzyk also says studying this problem has inspired his team to make a few changes in their own life.

28.The underline word“ubiquitousin Para.2 is closed in meaning to ____.

A.dangerous   B.abnormal   C.comfortable   D.common

29.Which of the following will Mr. Katzmarzyk agree with? ____.

A.Sitting too long may help increase ones life length.

B.Exercise is important,and we should not sit for a long time.

C.Watching TV is bad,but can broaden ones horizons.

D.Stopping watching TV is a necessary but hard task.

30.According to Paragraph 4,what does Mr. Kazmarzyk think of his study? ____.

A.Its a relative new area of study.  

B.Its a hot subject being studied by experts.

C.Its a study that begins too late.

D.It has been ignored by all experts.

31.Some new types of desks are being designed to ____.

A.make the users more comfortable           B.improve the users work efficiency

C.offer the users the chance to exercise   D.prevent the users sleeping at work



    Is bedtime just a time for dreaming? Do our brains turn off for the night? What if I told you that scientists recently discovered that our brains may be just as busy at night as they are during the day?

While we sleep, our brains are doing much more than getting ready for the next day. Researchers at the University of Rochester found that the brain may be busy cleaning house.

As with many studies, the researchers turned to mice for help. They studied mice that had colored dye injected into their brains. They observed the mice brains as they slept and when they were awake. They found that the brains of sleeping mice were hard at work.

Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, a brain expert, led the study. He says our brains perform two very different jobs. It seems they have daytime jobs. Later they "moonlight" at a nighttime job."Moonlighting" is working a nighttime job in addition to a day job. And this study says that is what our brains seem to be doing-working an extra job at night without additional pay for overtime.

"When we are awake, the brain cells are working very hard at processing all the information about our surroundings. However ,when we are asleep, they work very, very hard at removing harmful waste materials in the heads that build up when we are awake."

Dr. Nedergaard says these toxins end up in the liver. There, they are broken down and then removed from the body.

"So our study suggests we need to sleep because we have a macroscopic cleaning system that removes many of the toxic waste products from the brain."

Dr. Nedergaard says the next step is to look for the process in human brains. She said the results demonstrate just how important sleep is to health and fighting disease. The research may also one day lead to treatments to prevent or help fight neurological disorders.

32.What does the underline phrase“cleaning housein Paragraph 2 refer to ____.

A.Trying to make the house clean.        B.Removing harmful materials in the brain.

C.Keeping the mind neat and tidy.      D.Having a sound sleep.

33.What is Dr.Nedergaards,study based on? ____.

A.His personal experience.             B.The previous research.

C.The discussion with his colleagues.  D.An experiment on mice.

34.From the research of a Dr.Nedergaard, we can know ____.

A.humans brain cells are still busy during the sleep

B.people like to do an extra job even at night

C.a peaceful sleep at night can relieve ones stress

D.people throw all the waste at night

35.What is the text mainly about? ____.

A.Where can we sleep well?             B.When do we need sleep?

C.Why do we need sleep?               D.How can we sleep well?



Three Habits to Help You Become Happier

    Its completely normal to feel unhappy from time to time. _36___However,it is possible that you are doing some things that are contributing to your feeling of happiness.Below are three ways to help you become happier.

Do voluntary work.

_37___You can improve your happiness by using your skills to assist the less fortunate After all, you’ve accomplished something for the greater good. Start small and maybe prepare a meal for your elderly neighbors or volunteer to cook and serve dinner at a local soup kitchen. Bringing some life and light back into someone’s life and seeing their happiness and gratitude makes you feel happy too.


     Having a set schedule can avoid stress and tension throughout your day. You can plan your meals a week in advance and cook ahead on the weekends.You can set aside a few minutes to prepare clothing and items that you need for the next day each evening.

Turn off the TV.

     The temptation to turn on the TV to relax can actually be harmful to your health and your happiness. Television programming is often made up of negative reports about crime and accidents, or violence, even having it on in the background can actually increase your stress levels. You can turn off the TV to stay with your friends,spend more time with your family some reflective time to read a book.__39__

     _40___Start with these simple habits and you can help refocus your mind on what is important and increase the joy you find in daily life.

A.Work out often.

B.Plan your day.

C.It happens to everyone.

D.As we know, it takes at least 30 days to form a habit.

E.You dont need to change your entire life to find happiness.

F.It goes without saying that lending hand is a reward in itself.

G.These activities deserve your focus and will reduce your stress levels if you arent multitasking.

第三部分     英语知识运用 (共两节,满分45分)

第一节  完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


The former Smiths singer Morrissey has been in hospital on several occasions during the last 18 months. He has announced that he is being   41  for cancer in the hospital now,   42   he hasn't said what type of cancer he has.

Despite his diagnosis, the 55-year-old songwriter, whose first name is Stephen, insists he isn't afraid of  43  . He   44 the fact that it is something that comes to us all. Though knowing that he has a severe   45  , he has a   46    attitude. "If I die, then I die. And if I don't, then 1 don't. Right now I feel   47  . ”

"I am aware that in some of my recent photos I look somewhat  48  , but that's what illness can do, I'm not going to  49  about that, because I'll sit and rest forever when I'm dead. " He also says.

Morrissey's 2012 tour performance started so  50  in South America that it could continue through Asia and North America soon. Morrissey's recent  51   problems forced him to cancel his US tour. After knowing that he cancelled a number of  52   , fans worried about the state of Morrissey's health.

 Morrissey also claimed he's at an age where he should have   53    making music after his 10th studio album in July, and he thinks he may retire from songwriting and performing once he has   54   his first novel about himself. At that time he can do what he enjoyed most while working.

    Shortly after the last album was   55   in July, he said, "Many composers of classical music died at age 34. And I'm still   56  , and nobody knows what to do with me. Because my novel is coming along well, my task is   57  , that is, it can be published next year before I die. "

Life is all about   58  . Facing the illness, it's your choice that   59   how you live life.Morrissey sets a good  60  for us to follow.

41.A.treated         B.discovered          C.questioned         D.arrested

42.A.so              B.but                 C.unless             D.if

43.A.pressure        B.success             C.death              D.danger

44.A.studies         B.avoids              C.rejects            D.accepts

45.A.operation       B.performance         C.interest           D.illness

46.A.negative        B.mad                 C.positive           D.terrible

47.A.crazy           B.cool                C.worried            D.good

48.A.unfair          B.unkind              C.unknown            D.unhealthy

49.A.hear            B.set                 C.worry              D.learn

50.A.difficultly     B.successfully        C.hatefully          D.cautiously

51.A.health          B.economy             C.family             D.safety

52.A.shows           B.visits              C.speeches           D.meetings

53.A.practised       B.stopped             C.admitted           D.remembered

54.A.got             B.found               C.completed          D.borrowed

55.A.discovered      B.changed             C.donated            D.published

56.A.alive           B.wealthy             C.busy               D.weak

57.A.hard            B.simple              C.necessary          D.helpful

58.A.experiences     B.lessons             C.choices            D.decisions

59.A.determines      B.recalls             C.forgets            D.warns

60.A.tip             B.figure              C.goal               D.example


第三部分     英语知识运用 (共两节,满分45分)

第二节 (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


    It was a busy day at the grocery store and an old couple were in line behind me with birthday balloons.

They were chatting together about their rush to get ready for the party.From  61  they said, I knew their nephew had twins and something bad had happened to one baby at birth.Though they did all they could  62   (help)them,times were tough for them.

They seemed to be very nervous and were quite  63  (anxiety)to leave,so I asked 64    they wanted to go ahead of me or not.They didnt understand what I  65  (mean)

at first.After knowing it,they were very appreciative.But they still stood behind me.

    At that time I knew it would be a significant day to them.Nothing could be   66 (good)if someone offered to help them.So I told the cashier to add the balloons to my purchases.The old couples refused at first  67   I insisted.I said,“You may tell your sweet nephew that there are still nice people left who wanted to give them   68    

hand in this world.They thanked me over and over and the cashier was moved to tears,   69   (say)there was an angel in her line today.

      That little act of   70   (kind)made everyone who saw it feel good,but it made me fell the best of all!

61._______  62._______  63._______ 64._______ 65._______

66._______  67._______  68._______ 69._______ 70._______


第四部分  写作(共两节,满分35分)

第一节  短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


 增加:把缺词处加一个漏字符号( ),并在其下面写出该加的词。




       2.只允许修改1 0处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

     we all know that "Chances favor the prepared mind",I didn’t realize it when I went to high school.Soon after I become a senior high student, a singing competition was to be held in school. I love singing, but I had never sung in the public. Somehow, I wanted to have try. When I talked about it with my parent, they encouraged me to follow their inner voice. They told me that as long as I got good prepared, I would make it. Under their help, I became confidence and practiced hard after class. When I felt I was ready, the day came. Stood on the stage, I took a deep breath and began to sing with my full emotions.In the  end,I won the first prize.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)







Dear Tom,


                                                                   Yours truly,

                                                                   Li Hua


                           Li Hua